8 Things To Do Before You Move Into Your New House

Once you’ve decided on a property (if you’re still deliberating, make sure you check out 5 questions to ask before you buy!), it’s time to start the moving process. Getting everything finalised ready for moving day can be exciting, but it can also be stressful as you want to get started putting your stamp on your new home and there’s just so much to do!
To make things simpler, here are 8 things to do before you move into your new house. Remember, this article is to be used as a guide only – if you need any advice, feel free to get in touch!

1. Make a checklist – you can use this guide for help!

Make a checklist at least a month before you move, if you can. No last-minute checklists scribbled out on moving day, please! Once you know your completion date, start a list. Work backwards from your move-in day to make sure you’ve accounted for everything and have plenty of time to pack up your property one room at a time, ready for removals.

2. Arrange your removals company. 

If you’re planning on hiring a removals company, it pays to shop around. Most reputable companies will offer you a no-obligation quote so you can see which fits your budget best. It’s worth spending a little more to ensure that your belongings are insured throughout the process, and having professional help when it comes to loading up and unpacking at the other end.

 3. Consider your utilities.

There’s nothing worse than slow Wif-Fi, is there? How about no Wi-Fi at all? Make sure to contact your provider to make sure that your new property will be supported at the same speed as you’ve been getting at your current home. If the coverage isn’t as good, ask for a bill reduction or leave your contract to find a better supplier for your new area. If you’re moving to a property with gas and electric meters, make sure you’ve got top-up cards to avoid a chilly few nights in your new home!

4.  Pack a box of essentials for the first night. 

There’s nothing worse than digging through multiple unlabelled boxes to find a phone charger (or packet of teabags!) after a long day, so make sure you pack a box for your first night with some essentials. Pack your kettle or a flask, some coffee or tea, bottles of water and snacks, and any technology you might want to turn into a makeshift TV for your first night! If you’ve got children or pets, make sure you pack a box for them, with toys, games and snacks for your little ones and food and toys for your pets.

5. Prepare your children and pets for the move.

If you’re moving with children or pets, make sure they’re fully prepared to move into their new house. If you’ve got children, they’ll need to be enrolled into a new school, registered with a new doctor and dentist, and signed up for any extra-curricular activities. When it comes to moving day itself, older children can help with the packing process. Pack a bag for younger children with some books, toys and snacks to keep them entertained and out from under your feet on the day! If you’re moving house with pets, make sure you prepare them for the journey – this could mean getting anti-car-sickness tablets for your dog! – and make sure they’re registered at the vets for your new address in case of any emergencies on the way.

6. Update your address. 

Although you might remember to update important things like your banking accounts, there’s one thing many people forget before you move into your new house. Online shopping is now second nature – so make sure your automatic online accounts are up to date with your new address! You don’t want your latest online purchase to arrive at your old property.

7. Check your new house alarms, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

If your new house has an alarm, make sure you ask the old owners for the code to switch it off! Then make sure to change the code so it’s unique to your household. Then make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working – you can ask the fire brigade to install new ones if yours are broken or outdated.

8. Deep clean your new house. 

No matter how clean the previous owners have left your new home, try to take the time to do a deep clean when you move in for your peace of mind – there’s bound to be something they missed as they moved out! This is especially important if you’re moving with children or pets, so you can make sure everything is clean and safe.

Once you’ve settled in your new house it’s time to start thinking about how you can put your stamp on it. Best of luck, and have fun!